EE W230A

Integrated-Circuit Devices

This course provides a fundamental understanding of the working principles of semiconductor devices (pn-junction diode, metal-oxide-semiconductor capacitor, field-effect transistor, bipolar junction transistor) used in modern integrated circuits. One of the student outcomes of this course will be an ability to design a nanometer-scale transistor to meet performance requirements within realistic constraints.

 Estimated Workload: 12 hours/week
 Prerequisites: MAS-IC Students Only
Weekly Format:

~3 hrs lecture

~1hr discussion

~8 hrs work

Topics covered:

  • Semiconductor Fundamentals: introduction to semiconductors, mobile charge carrier concentrations, carrier action
  • Metal-Semiconductor Contacts: electrostatics; electrical characteristics
  • PN Junction Diodes: electrostatics, current flow, non-ideal behaviors, dynamic response; diode applications
  • The MOS Capacitor: introduction, electrostatics, small-signal capacitance
  • MOSFETs: device structure and applications, device operation, I-V characteristics, CMOS inverter, short-channel MOSFETs, modern CMOS technology
  • Bipolar Junction Transistors: structure and operation, I-V characteristics, non-ideal behaviors, modern BJT structures, dynamic response 

Will be offered in Fall 2014