Program Overview

The MAS-IC offers a rigorous training in an online format that lets you earn your engineering degree while you work.


The online format brings together professionals from all over the world into a diverse learning community. This unique asynchronous learning experience will give you the opportunity to access course materials, listen to the multimedia lectures, view video clips, post questions, take quizzes, participate in discussion sessions, and submit homework. Course materials, as well as technical support, are available 24/7.

In addition, you will actively participate in collaborative projects. In this process, you will engage in real-time synchronous delivery with instructors and teaching assistants using the most-advanced communication and networking technologies offered.


Students graduating from the program will be mastering, in both breadth and depth, the domain of Integrated Circuits, as taught by some of the most accomplished leaders and innovators in the field. Upon graduation, they will have acquired state-of-the-art analysis and design skills in the areas of digital, mixed-signal and RF circuits, complemented with knowledge in semiconductor devices, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), and design automation. As such, you will be ready to take on leadership roles in a worldwide industry of major proportions ($320B revenue in 2011) that is going through rapid changes on a continuous basis, while enjoying a healthy growth.

Technical Requirements

To get the most out of the program courses, we recommend that you use any of the following browsers:

  • IE 9 or later
  • Safari 6 or later
  • Firefox 19 or later
  • Chrome 27 or later

You will need to have both JavaScript and cookies enabled in your browser’s settings to successfully use our online classrooms.